The warm weather of spring and summer is great for your pets' health. The sun gets them lively, and they are thrilled to play outside again. Sadly, the same seasons coincide with flea season. It is during these times that dog fleas breed and infest our homes. And this can be an irritating problem for both dogs and their owners. The fleas constantly bite your dogs, causing them to go into a restless scratching frenzy.

This scratching is not only unpleasant to look at, but also damages your dogs' skin. Also, you'll have to constantly vacuum your house to remove all the fur shed. It is therefore important to identify ways to get rid of dog fleas.

During this period you will have to avoid touching your pet, and this is quite hard especially for playful children. This is why natural remedies are a good approach to dealing with fleas on dogs. Below are 6 natural ways of getting rid of dog fleas:

Easy ways to get rid of dog fleas: 

1. Give your dog a Flea bath to get rid of the eggs! 

Giving your dog a thorough wash is a good way to get rid of dog fleas. The regular soap or shampoo usually doesn't get the job done; you need to add some natural remedies to kill the fleas. And for dog fleas, lemon juice is the best. Its acidity is quite toxic to fleas while good for the dog skin. Plus it has a refreshing smell.

To prepare the bath, add freshly squeezed lemon juice to a warm water bath. One to two cups of lemon juice is often enough. Use this mixture with the normal shampoo to clean your dog thoroughly. Use the same solution to rinse off the soap and leave the dog to dry. You can make these baths a routine until flea season is over. This way you not only get rid of the fleas but also prevent them. How to give your dog a safe and natural flea bath

2. Use a flea comb for better result to get rid of fleas on your dog

This good old-fashioned technique of dealing with fleas is still very effective. It is a physical way of getting rid of fleas with no need for chemicals. All you need is a flea comb, and some time to sit down with your dog. It is also a good way to keep groom your pet.

You need to select the right kind of comb. If possible get one with a double row design. The best time to comb your dog is after a thorough bath. You can start with a normal brush to straighten any entangled fur. This will make it possible to use the flea comb without inflicting pain on your beloved pet.

For the flea comb, you need to start from the base of the fur strands, and gently stroke till you reach the end. This way you can reach all the fleas, and possibly eggs and larvae too. Pay extra attention to the ears, the nape of the neck and the tail. In between the strokes, you need to dip the brush in some warm water or solution. Adding lemon to the water makes the treatment more effective. How to Get Rid of Fleas on Your Dog or Cat During Their Grooming Routine

3. Apple cider vinegar drinking water is the best way for fleas

Apple cider vinegar is a natural remedy that works well in controlling fleas. When ingested, it alters the dog's skin, making it slightly more acidic than usual. The acidic environment is harsh to dog fleas. It kills adult, larvae and egg forms. This eliminates all existing fleas and protects your dog from further infestation.

Apple cider vinegar can be added to your dog's drinking water in minimal amounts. At first, I thought that my dog wouldn't drink the water, but to my surprise, he actually liked it. You can consult your veterinary doctor on the amount of apple cider vinegar your dog can take per day.

4. Use Dog Flea repellent spray to get rid of fleas bites

There are several scents that are appealing to us, yet are intolerable to fleas. These include vinegar, lavender and cedar oils. These essential oils are known to keep fleas off pets when used in dog sprays. You can fashion your own spray by preparing a simple home solution.

All you need is a vinegar or cider vinegar solution. Add a few drops of lavender oil into the solution to complete. Use a spray bottle to apply it to your pet. Use it generously to make sure that the dog exudes these scents. The best time to use this spray is after a good bath. This is because it is more useful in preventing a further infestation than getting rid of the fleas that are already on your dog.

5. Flea repellant collar also is a good choice to control your dog' fleas and without chemicals

You have probably seen dogs running around the park with bandanas tied around their necks. These are pet fashion items, but therapeutic aids used to get rid of dog fleas. These collars and kerchiefs have been dipped in cider vinegar and lavender oil. They, therefore, make dogs repellant to fleas.

You can easily fashion such a collar. Pick a normal dog collar, or a simple bandana and soak it in a cider vinegar and lavender solution. Let it dry, and then tie it around your dog's collar. Most pets look amazing with such collars. You can also get creative and use different designs each day, thus making it a fashionable way of managing dog fleas. Buy the product from here.

6. Vacuum your house and clean the sheets to get rid of fleas on all your pets

 Dog fleas are notorious for hiding in carpets, bed sheets and clothes. In fact, these are their major breeding grounds and not your dogs' fur. Therefore, treating your dog without thoroughly cleaning the house is a complete waste of time.

For carpets, regular vacuuming often does it. Use a vacuum cleaner with a powerful suction force. This way it can suck in all the tiny larvae and eggs that may be attached to the fibers. Alternatively, you can consider changing the kind of fabric you use for your floors.

Sheets need to be cleaned under heat. Set the cleaning water to a high temperature, and also run the load in the dryer for a longer period.This way you destroy all the eggs and larvae.

Apart from using these techniques to get rid of dog fleas, there are additional interventions that you can make to prevent fleas from even landing into your compounds. These involve modifying your outdoor environment, making it inhabitable to fleas.  13 Vacuum Cleaning Tips for Your Floors

How these ways to get rid of dog fleas can be achieved?

1. Growing plants

That repel fleas – these are simple garden plants that grow well in backyards and flower gardens. They include rosemary flowers, lemongrass, basil, mint, etc.

2. Sprinkling

Diatomaceous earth – this is a natural powder made of algae extract. The algae are toxic to eggs and destroy them before maturity.

3. Introducing ood'

Nematodes into your soil – nematodes are soil worms. These are always present in our soils. You can introduce some worm species that feed on flees into your soil. You will hardly notice their presence, yet they will biologically control fleas.

Can Dogs get rid of fleas by themselves ? 

Dog owners are faced with the task of dealing with fleas every spring summerand fall. These pests are quite a nuisance, and also pose several health threats to our beloved pets. There are several ways to naturally get rid of dog fleas. Most of these methods involve the use of juices and essential oils to eliminate and prevent flea infestation. Combining more than two methods is always more effective and can help eliminate the fleas faster. So if you are struggling with fleas, go ahead and try using these techniques, you won't have to see your dog scratch its neck restlessly. Plus, see Eliminate Fleas Without Poisons

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