Credit: Michal Bednarek/Shutterstock

Cats are the most dormant and welcoming pets we have at home. Yet, these precious pets can be attacked by bugs. Especially in warm seasons of the summer and spring. 

You can be able to suspect a flea infestation on your animal by observing the cat scratching itself aggressively, being restless and the skin is open due to the sores left from the scratches and bites. Additionally, fleas can transmit infections to you and your family. 

Best known Bubonic plague caused by Yersinia pestis and Cat scratch fever. Other parasites carried by the fleas are tapeworms. Well, the good news is the fleas can be rapidly destroyed from your cat and home. We will be looking at the best flea treatment options available at the market as well as domestically.

The current preparations for the treatment of cat fleas offer rapid and effective management of the cat's fleas. It should be borne in the mind that the fleas on the fir of your cat comprise only 5 percent of the whole flea population, that is a tip of the iceberg.

The other 95 percent of the fleas are hidden in the carpet, crevices and upholstery and bedding. Therefore, its necessary to look deeper into the whole flea eradication from your pet as well as your home.

Cat fleas can best be treated with topical surface applicators forms. They have a rapid onset of action, typically 30 minutes and kill the adults as well as the larva and eggs on the fur within 12 hours. Great, right! The best in the market are Advantage that contains imidacloprid and pyriproxyfen and Front Line that contains fipronil and S-methoprene as the active ingredients. 

They offer extra help in killing the eggs and larva too as well as sterilizing the adult and delaying egg production. Remember to use the right amount and strength of the applicators based on the size of your pet.

These are monthly applications hence you do not have to worry over the next couple of days. Beware of any adverse effects like vomiting and passing loose stools and report them to your veterinary officer.

You have the option of using chewable anti-flea drugs. 

These are fast and do not have the issues to do with skin toxicity. Comfortis has great palatability as it is meat flavored. It acts within half an hour of administration. It kills adults, eggs, and larva on the skin of the cat. 

Comfortis requires a prescription from the veterinary officer. This is a great option for cats with allergic dermatitis.

A flea comb will do your cat so much good. 

Choose the best size and bristles for the fur. This should be done after a bath of our cat. Use a cat shampoo and dilute it to the correct concentration to avoid irritating the skin of the cat. This can be augmented with lemon and natural oils derived from citrus fruits and lavender or eucalyptus. 

Take caution to avoid the cat ingesting the oils due to their inability to break them down in their liver and kidney enzymes. This may result in liver and kidney failure. After the bath, start with the base of the fur upwards. 

This will remove the eggs and larva trapped in between. It is commendable to do the head to tail combing as you will likely go over all parts. Do not behind the ears and napes, where the fleas like hiding. Do not play with the cat till the fur is dry to avoid anyone in the family ingesting the chemicals.

You will need to do a thorough home cleaning of the upholstery as well as beddings and carpet. 

Use warm to hot temperature of water in the laundry and have them have extended times in the dryer to kill the eggs and larva. 

You may need to clean them weekly to reduce their populations further. Concerning the carpet, use a high-velocity vacuum cleaner to dislodge the eggs and larva from the fibers. After that, discard the bag. You can add diatomaceous earth to the carpet and crevices to kill the adult and larval forms of fleas. 

Planting flea repellant plants in your home is an invaluable tool to keep them at bay all year long.

The best plants are citrus, lavender, and marigold. They produce scents noxious to fleas hence an excellent natural form of treatment and prevention. 

Flea control is possible to cat owners. Take the first step and act fast to save yourself the agony that comes with these bugs. It is best done with control of fleas on other pets at home and improved home hygiene. Best of luck in killing those bugs.