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Dogs are covered in skin much like humans are and to also share a characteristic, they are also prone to have sensitive skin conditions that make them really uncomfortable. 

They express this by scratching, biting and rubbing more than usual. This results in their skin becoming red, having flaky and even oily skin in some dogs.

 This is an indication that your dog has sensitive skin and you should consider this while grooming him.

Why do dogs develop sensitive skin?

The main cause of this is fleabites. Fleas are pests that burrow under the skin and constantly suck the blood. Ticks are also other pests that have been known to cause severe skin irritations for dogs. 

Irritation on the skin is very uncomfortable for pets, especially small dogs.

Small dogs are most prone to having this sensitive skin and this is why they should be groomed every day so as to control this condition.

Another cause is the diet. Some puppies develop allergies to proteins and this then causes the sensitive skin. Ruling this out is an important factor so that you can know what to do and where to get dog food that will not affect him.

To get rid of all these conditions, it is important to buy a great flea shampoo to deal with these pesky pests. A flea shampoo is a medicated shampoo that eliminates all the pests while giving your puppy a cleansed coat, preventing the fleas from infesting them again.

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While washing the puppy, please refrain from using your own shampoos. Use a recommended dog shampoo that will help clean the coat while killing any insects that may have infested the dog.

There are those flea shampoos that contain ingredients for their sensitive skin:

1. PupKiss Complete Care All-In-One Pet Shampoo

It contains oatmeal and aloe extract that help soothe the puppy’s skin. This is easily the best puppy shampoo on the market. Its plant-based ingredients are infused with coconut oil which aids in the cleansing, moisturizing and detangling of the hair while leaving the puppy with an appealing fragrance.

Adams Plus Flea & Tick Shampoo with Precor is the best natural flea shampoo for a dog as it contains aloe, lanolin, oatmeal and coconut extract. This shampoo not only kills fleas for good but also makes the dog’s coat silky soft and with a lingering minty scent.

In dealing with ticks and fleas, the Wondercide Natural, Flea plus Tick Shampoo-Bar is the best flea-and-tick shampoo, for dogs. When you are grooming your dog and don’t want any harsh chemical, this is the shampoo to use.

4. Sentry Oatmeal Flea-&-Tick Shampoo

This product is permethrin-based and what makes it the best flea shampoo that kills eggs is the toxicity of this ingredient. Permethrin is not easily metabolized by the fleas and so they are eliminated faster. Use it with caution however as it is also harmful to humans.

5. Naturel Promise Fresh and Soothing for all breeds

 This is the best anti-flea shampoo for all dogs of all breeds as it is mainly infused with a natural insecticide known as lemongrass. Its other ingredients are cedarwood oil, clove oil and cinnamon oil and these make a powerful mix for killing fleas and keeping them at bay.

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6. Mycodex Flea-Tick Shampoo P3

Having been in circulation for over two decades, this is the best pick that even veterinarians recommend. It is the best flea shampoo for a dog with sensitive skin as it helps deal with flaky skin and restores skin bitten by fleas. It is also by far the best dog shampoo for ticks and fleas as it provides the skin with aloe, lanolin and coconut oil that are both insecticides and give the dog a favorable scent.

7. Vet’s Best Flea-Itch-Relief-Shampoo

This shampoo works almost instantly in relieving the skin of fleas and ticks. It has been rated as the best flea shampoo for small dogs 12 weeks and older since even after dealing with the infestations, it has a mild scent that does not affect the respiratory tract of the dog or his groomer.

8. Natural Chemistry-De-Flea-Pet Shampoo

Overall this nontoxic, pesticide and chemical free shampoo is the best for small dogs as it instantly kills fleas, ticks and lice while keeping the puppy safe. The use of no chemicals allows for deep cleansing of the small dog eliminating all infestations.

How do you identify what are the best dog shampoos for small dogs?

The active ingredient in each of this shampoos is oatmeal. While coupled with Aloe Vera, these two are great at cleaning out and conditioning the skin. It is important to maintain this routine all through from when the dog is still a puppy so that you can reduce the chances of a greater skin infection. 

Dogs with sensitive skin are prone to a lot of molting and this is a cause of human respiratory conditions like asthma and bronchitis. As dogs are man’s best friend, keep them groomed and cared for if not every other day, at least once a week.

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Keep the affected areas dry and avoid harsh chemicals while washing your dog.
Small dogs are also vulnerable to a lot of infestation by ticks and fleas as they still do not know how to deal with them. When you clean, condition and moisturize their skin, they are at a lower risk of dealing with stubborn skin issues. Use an effective anti-flea shampoo to kill the fleas and also destroy their eggs and prevent them from duplicating.

Also, you can sprinkle a little of the anti-flea plus tick shampoos on their sleeping areas to destroy the folds that the fleas may have created. In addition to that, include a shampoo that is laden with pesticides to completely control an infestation. 

Some of these flea shampoos are toxic to humans so it is important to follow the instruction written on the bottles to avoid harm and death.