How to get rid of dog fleas in my home?

We all love coming home and lying on the sofa while pampering our pets, whether they be dogs or cats after a hard days work. Unfortunately, not all of us have this pleasant experience in our homes when we have the infestation of our animals and houses with fleas. This can turn from being the best moments to the worst nightmares when coming home. 

We will be having a glimpse at some of the best way to get rid of this noxious agents from our vicinity and have the comfortable repose that home affords. Having spotted a couple of fleas on your bed or animal? The chances are that is a tip of the iceberg. 

The outbreak will follow soon if you do nothing or don't act quickly enough. Statistics report that what is visible in approximately less than five percent of them hovering around your home.

There is good news though for getting rid of dog fleas in home. Fleas can be managed easily at home if we have the right knowledge at our disposal and can be able to put it into practice. The ways we will present here are easily applicable and cost less too, yet they are efficacious and friendly to the environment as well as to you and your pets.

How do I get rid of fleas on my dog home remedy? 

We can start flea eradication by cleaning the dog beddings. This can be by changing them frequently. They should also be sprayed with the natural concoction we will shortly describe. This will be able to dehydrate or desiccate the flea eggs on your dog's bedding. 

The natural mixture consists of the natural substances at our disposal. They are lemon, or any citrus fruit, baking powder, a quarter cup of salt, essential oil contained in lavender and marigold. 

You can add rosemary or preferably eucalyptus into the solution. This concoction is applied by spraying after the beddings have been cleaned of the dirt. They should be left undisturbed for approximately 3 hours. The salt concentration may irritate the skin of the pet, hence do not allow him near the bedding. 

You will need to clear the house furniture in all the rooms as the fleas hop and jump great distances, as well as the random roaming of the dogs in the house. This will be done by removal of the carpet and other interior linings, beddings, and upholstery.

They need be thoroughly washed in a warm solution of the soap that has cidal properties, along with a generous measure of the citrus oils and eucalyptus. 

This will kill the eggs and larva. You will need to vacuum the whole floor in high-velocity air flow, in including the nooks and crevices. Afterwards, the bag should be discarded as it harbours the eggs and larvae. Mop the floor with the concoction and allow it to dry. 

Afterwards, spray the window sills, the walls and curtain boxes with the concoction. This will augment the efforts to kill the bugs on the floor.

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Get rid of fleas home naturally

We have some accessory rooms in our homes that should not be forgotten in the cleaning and be killing off the fleas. This includes the balcony, the basement and the ceiling. 

You will need to do a through moping of the balcony and the basement and the spray of the magical concoction on the ceiling spaces. This will reduce the burden of the fleas in your home by cutting on the eggs as well as larva. 

The source of the flea infestation in your home was your pets unbridled wandering to the neighborhood and mingling with other dogs. Hence, you will need to have a to give your pet a good bath to lean them up clean. You can use shampoos and soaps. They have much help in ridding the fleas' off your dogs. Unfortunately, the chemicals are harmful to your dog's skin, and they will have deleterious effects. 

You can use ordinary soap and warm water along with an appropriate concentration of the concoction. This will rapidly eliminate the fleas off the dog. Allow the dog to dry and then comb the dog with the flea remover, to ascertain the removal of the eggs. You may need to clean the dog regularly to bring the egg numbers to as low as possible. The dog will love the baths too and can't wait to have the next session. 

You may need to consider fencing your home to avoid the strange wandering of your dog. This can be achieved with a wooden or aluminium fence or a chain link. This will go a long way in prevention of your dog contacting other bugs and diseases from other roaming dogs.

 If you can't bear with this at the moment, you have the option of getting your pet a collar. The collars are fitted in sizes according to your dog's size. They also come with an anti-flea chemical hence they will be repelled naturally. Another great benefit to this is that the collar lasts for almost eight months hence, an extended flea free period. 

Best ways to get rid of fleas home

There are a couple of pants that are worth plating at home. They have chemical and scents that repel the fleas away from your home. Such plants are marigold, lemon and lavender. They are best when planted along the fences to keep the fleas ways as well other animals like chipmunks and squirrels that carry them around.

The final measure to get to rid of the fleas can be the use of diatomaceous earth (DE). Thee are fossilized remains of sea animals. They are ground to fine glass fibres and spread on the crevices and nooks. Thy work by cutting through the skeleton of the fleas as they jump about.

Care should be taken to avoid the exposure of such ground grains to the canines as they may kill them. The effectiveness of the DE may be enhanced by the addition of natural oils and salt. 

The above natural remedies to the bouts of flea infestation are effective as well as friendly to your home and give a good scent. Try them out whenever you are attacked by the fleas and see the results for yourself. Why not start now?