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A flea infestation is a nightmare to any pet-owner. These little bugs not only disrupt the comfort of your beloved dog or cat but also pose a threat to its health. 

That's why eliminating and preventing flea infestation is an urgent task. Achieving this requires you to choose a treatment method from the available arsenal of treatments. 

Most people get torn between Frontline or Advantage, as these are two are the leading products in this war against fleas. They are both effective topical treatments. 

The biggest question is which is better Frontline or Advantage?

Answering this question requires a detailed analysis of both treatments with a keen look on their specific features. 

You first have to answer questions like: what is the active agent in each? How long does it take to start working? How long does its protection last? And many more. 

Below is the full comparison.

Effectiveness in killing fleas, and at various stages in their life cycle.

Frontline and Advantage contain completely different agents that work in different ways to eliminate fleas.

Frontline's active "agents"

Frontline contains a combination of two veterinary drugs:
fipronil, a chemical that kills adult fleas and ticks by attacking the insects' nervous systems, and S-methoprene which kills the egg and larvae stages by inhibiting their growth.

Therefore, Frontline is effective against all stages in the flea life cycle.

Advantage's active "agents"

Advantage II also contains a combo that is effective against
all stages in fleas' life cycle. Imidacloprid which targets adult fleas, and pyriproxyfen which inhibits the growth of eggs and larvae.

So in terms of effectiveness, which is better Frontline or Advantage? 

- Both kill fleas on contact and eliminate all stages of the pest.

- Both treatments also contain drug combinations with kill rates above 98%. 

- Some pet owners have complained of one or the other product being ineffective and raising questions on resistance. 

- According to most veterinary doctors, this is untrue. The lack of effectiveness is most likely due to poor application.

Therefore, based on this factor only, it is inconclusive to say which is better.

How long does it take to start working?

Everyone wants to get rid of fleas in the shortest time possible. This is one of the features that set apart the two products.

Frontline starts working within 12hours and will have eliminated most fleas by 24 hours since the time of application.

Advantage plus on the other hand is much faster. It starts working within 4 hours and achieves near total elimination by 12 hours. 

So if you are looking for the fastest way to get rid of fleas, Advantage is the better option.

Duration of protection

There isn't much difference between the Frontline and Advantage in this section. Both treatments protect your pet for 30 days. You, therefore, need to repeat treatment on a monthly basis throughout the flea season.


This is another element with little difference. Both Frontline and Advantage are topical products applied to your pet's hair to the skin level. 

For cats, this is done on the neck and base of the skull. 

For dogs, you apply the treatment between the shoulder blades. You may have to extend the area of application all the way to the tail for dogs heavier than 21lbs.

Effectiveness against other pests

You may be looking for flea treatment products, but it is always great to have one that also addresses other pests. This is because pests commonly come in combination. Ticks, lice and … are the other common pests. 

Frontline has a wider spectrum of coverage; it kills ticks, lice, and mosquitos in addition to fleas. On the other hand, Advantage II only kills fleas and lice.

So in terms of additional pest cover, which is better Frontline or Advantage? 

Frontline stands out as it eliminates ticks while Advantage doesn't.

Side effect profile

Being topical treatments, the most common side effects for both Frontline and Advantage are skin reactions. These manifest as itching, redness, and in extreme cases hair loss in the applied area. 

The side effects are also applicable to humans if they come into contact with the medication. You, therefore, need to avoid contact with your pet during this period. This may be tough, especially if you have playful children. 

Considering the above, the duration you need to avoid contact becomes the delineating factor. 

When using Frontline, you are free to touch your dog or cat after 24 hours. 
For Advantage plus, you will have to wait for 48hours before playing with or cuddling your pet.

Use in pets of different ages and weight

All veterinary drugs have limitations of use depending on the pet's weight and age.

Advantage is limited to puppies weighing more than 4lbs, and at least 7 weeks of age. As for cats, it can be used on kittens at least 8 weeks old. 

Frontline, on the other hand, has a cut off age of 8 weeks for both dogs and cats. 

Both treatments are also safe for pregnant and lactating bitches. 

They also come in different dosages based on your pet's weight, thus eliminating the need to calculate your pet's dose. It is, however, advisable to consult your vet on the appropriate dose for your dog.

So which is better Frontline or Advantage? The difference is negligible. 

Advantage can be used on pets from the age of 7 weeks, a week's difference from Frontline.


The last factor to look at is pricing. This is a bit challenging to compare as Frontline products come in 3-packs while Advantage's come in 4-packs. However, Frontline seems to be consistently a bit cheaper than Advantage. Their 3-pack packages for different pet weights range from $34-37 while that for Advantage is in the range of $46-52.

So in terms of price, which is better Frontline or Advantage?

 Clearly Frontline is more affordable.

In conclusion:

- The two treatments go hand to hand in almost all features. Both are effective against fleas in all stages and very effective in eliminating them. 

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Frontline Plus for Dogs
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- They also offer protection for an entire month and with minimal side effects. 

- The only differences come in how fast they take action with Advantage eliminating fleas within 12 hours.

* Frontline, however, rivals Advantage in pest coverage and pricing.

Overall, which is better Frontline or Advantage?

I would personally go for Advantage largely because it promises to eliminate fleas within a shorter time.